GA002 Mortuary Accessories Cemetery Imperial Lowering Device GA002 Mortuary Accessories Cemetery Imperial Lowering Device

Casket lowering device is a device intended for funeral homes. It lowers a casket to the grave in a mechanical way. It replaces the traditional way of burial. It positively affects the worthy course of the ceremony, thereby increasing the prestige of the funeral home and the quality of services provided.

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Mortuary Accessories Cemetery Imperial Lowering Device Description:
Imperial lowering Devices are part of the family of equipment for funerals, directors and cemeteries. Coffins and coffin lowering devices are part of the family of funeral products that each funeral director uses to place a coffin or casket in the grave to complete a funeral service.
Cemetery lowering Devices cemetery lowering devices are automatic mechanical devices used to lower coffins or coffins into graves. The coffin or coffin is placed on two straps of the lowering device in cases where the lowering device has been placed on an open grave, the Mortuary accessories device is designed to keep the coffin or coffin in an elevated position above the grave until the braking mechanism is released and the straps are slowly released to place the coffin or coffin into the grave.
Cemetery Equipment our Cemetery equipment is strong, solid and easy to operate. Using quality materials, it gives owners and operators assurance and confidence in the execution of every burial.
Casket Lowering Device includes all the same features as GA001, but adds a lowering arm.

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Mortuary Accessories Cemetery Imperial Lowering Device Features:

1. Solid internal and external structure.

2. The frame is made of high quality hardened stainless steel pipe. The corner heads are solid polished cast aluminum. Stainless steel and aluminum are rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant, increasing service life. Self-lubricating bearing.
3. The strength is about four times of the standard model.
4. Positive break system ensures any required descent speed.
5. For ease of operation, the unit is scalable from 62" x 25" to 94" x 38".
6. Flexible drive shaft provides smooth operation on uneven terrain.
7. Each unit of braided tape has a strength of 450 pounds.
8. The cast aluminum head is easily removed to allow access to the internal working parts.
9. The whole ball bearing ensures no noise, easy lifting and long-term service.
10. Maximum load/weight limit: 900 LBS.
11. Full ball bearing, noiseless, smooth, automatic operation. The check lever is located at either end of the descent device and keeps the coffin stationary even on hilly terrain. Made of heavy duty chrome plated, polished aluminum and stainless steel.
12. With placer, make the blanking process as easy as possible.

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1. The coffin is placed on a green strap, which is automatically lowered by a lever and can be stopped at any position. The device is driven by gravity from the weight of the coffin and the body; There is no external power supply.
2. The descent speed can be adjusted around a typical rate of 3 to 5 centimeters per second.
3. Once the casket is fully lowered, release the strap from one side and pull it out of the small space between the bottom of the casket and the ground.
4. The lowering device can be easily disassembled after use or stored in its assembled form. Provides protective storage/tote bags.
5. The shoulder strap can be made to the length required for a tomb of any depth.

Closed:62″(L) x 25″(W)
Adjustable94″(L) x 38″(W)
Straps:29.5 feet long, each tested to 450 lbs.
Loading:900 Lb capacity.