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Hospital bed can also be called medical bed, nursing bed, etc. It is a bed that the patient uses in recuperation. The main use occasions are major hospitals, township health centers, and community health service centers.

Hospital bed has the functions of lifting the patient's back, acting as a wheelchair, washing the patient's feet, preventing the patient from falling down, and facilitating the toilet. According to the material, beds can be divided into ABS beds, all stainless steel beds, semi-stainless steel beds, and all-steel spray beds. According to the use of points, it can be divided into medical bed and home bed. According to the function points, it can be divided into electric bed and manual bed. The electric bed can be divided into five functional electric bed and three-function electric bed. Manual bed can be divided into double shake bed, single shake bed, and flat bed.

ROOE offers electric bed, manual bed, pediatric bed and infant bed, home care bed, orthopedic beds, over bed table, beside cabinet, infusion stand, mattress and folded screen ,etc.A comfortable medical environment is conducive to the patient's physical and mental pleasure, and promote the rapid recovery of patients.

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