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Intensive care refers to the use of various advanced medical technologies, modern monitoring and rescue equipment for all types of critically ill patients undergoing treatment, and the implementation of concentrated treatment and nursing care. To ensure maximum patient survival and subsequent quality of life.

The monitoring range of intensive care unit is very wide, which can be divided into several major systems such as respiration, circulation, liver, brain, kidney, gastrointestinal, blood and coagulation mechanisms, endocrine, water and electrolyte, and oxygen supply. Commonly used monitoring items include electrocardiogram, heart function, blood pressure, respiratory rate and rhythm and type, body temperature, urine output, arterial blood gas analysis, and electroencephalogram. ROOE provides a series of products such as patient monitor, ECG, vital sign monitor, defibrillator, infusion pump and syringe pump to facilitate real-time patient monitoring and timely rescue.