Integrated Delivery Room

Configuration and layout of delivery room equipment

The new mode of delivery care should not be transported in several different rooms at the time of childbirth, reducing the disinfection work of the room, without the equipment to repeat the purchase, and saving the working time. The main equipment of the L.D.R. room is an integrated multi-function electromotive machine, which can be made from a number of positions (including seat, squat, side type) to the childbirth. If you want to transfer, the bed can be transferred to the operation room quickly. After delivery, the bed is also an upscale electric nursing bed. It can also provide training function to help pregnant women and pregnant women to perform necessary midwifery and rehabilitation training. The room is equipped with other main equipment: Baby rescue table, fetal monitor, special production lamp, baby bed, full set of surgical equipment, first aid equipment, in case of pregnant women, the doctor can be rescued in time. There is a warm and delicate suite next to the delivery room, which can be used for family rest, with high grade sofa, liquid crystal TV, water purification device, refrigerator, broadband network and so on. The layout of L.D.R. room is generally composed of three functional areas: family area (Family), clinical area (clinical) and supporting area.

Integrated delivery room product

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