Digital Operation Room

Detailed Description

The “Digital Integrated Operation Room” is mainly used in the whole procedure of the operation of the patients, providing the operating environment, assisting the operation of the medical care, optimizing the surgical process, realizing the information integration and equipment control, optimizing the business workflow between the related departments, strengthening the retrospective analysis ability of the operation process, reducing the cost of the cleaning project in the operation room and the use of energy consumption, acting or producing of key operation room equipment, providing a complete digital integration solution for the operation room to create a comprehensive application of multiple disciplines for the purpose of high efficiency, high security, and promotion of the external communication platform. Applications are generally qualified medical institutions at all levels.

The main functions of the “digital integrated operation room” include the integration of the information of the application systems in the operation room, the integration of the control of the electronic instruments and equipment, the process integration of operation room and related business departments, the integration of the process before, during and after the operation; the integration of resources between the hospital and the operation room; the integration of purification engineering and purification materials in the operation room, and the integration of equipment and equipment in operation room.

The Process of the “Digital Integrated Operation Room”

Before operation

Operation arrangement management

Operation room cleaning environment

Doctor mastered patient information

Preparation of surgical articles and medicines

Doctors’ and patients’ admission to the room

In the operation

Preliminary anaesthetic work

Equipment centralized control operation

Information integrated display

The use of the knowledge expert library

Remote consultation and teaching

After operation

Collection of operation process record

Whole process information assembly

Information analysis and achieving

Postoperative tracking of patients

Medical accident trace

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