EA-6G Lightweight Stair Evacuation Chair Manual Track Stair Chair EA-6G Lightweight Stair Evacuation Chair Manual Track Stair Chair

The Emergency Evacuation Chair uses belts mounted on two tracks that allow the chair to balance and glide on the edge of the stairs while slowing momentum and relieving the operator from bearing the entire weight of the individual.

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EA-6G Evacuation Chair Features:
1. A suitable for moving patients up and down stairs in high-rise buildings with crawler transmission structure. Self - braking strengthens track control descent speed for single - person operation.
3. 4 silent wheels for easy movement on the ground.
4. Two safety belts to ensure patient's safety during transfer.
5. The backrest is telescopic and self-adjusting, simple and practical.
6. Can be folded manually, safe to use and stored in the ambulance after folding. The chair can be stacked up to provide compact storage space.
7. Safe, easy to open and super light weight of only 19 LBS.
8. Can hold up to 400 pounds
9.Mainly suitable for serious accidents, can be quickly to different rescue scene.

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1. Front two flexible lifting rods
2. Seat rear handle for push
EA-6G Evacuation Chair Color:
Cloth in black, and frame in yellow

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