Non-Magnetic Product for MRI

Non-Magnetic Product for MRI

Nuclear magnetic resonance is a nuclear nucleus with a non-zero magnetic moment. The spin energy level undergoes Zeeman splitting under the action of an external magnetic field, and the resonance absorbs the physical process of radiofrequency radiation of a certain frequency. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is a branch of spectroscopy whose resonance frequency is in the radio frequency band, and the corresponding transition is the transition of the nuclear spin at the nuclear Zeeman level.


Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has become a common imaging method. As a new imaging technique, MRI does not affect human health, but it is not suitable for nuclear magnetic resonance in six groups. Check Even people who have a pacemaker, people with or suspected metal foreign bodies in the eye, people with aneurysm silver clip ligation, people with metal foreign bodies remaining in the body or metal prosthesis, life-threatening critically ill patients, claustrophobia Phobia patients, etc. It is not possible to bring monitoring instruments, rescue equipment, etc. into the MRI laboratory. Also Besides, pregnant women who are less than 3 months pregnant, it is best not to do MRI.

So the MRI room needs some non-magnetic medical products.

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Medical Automatic X-ray Dry film printer

The Dry Imager is a thermo-graphic film processor designed to copy and send images through a DICOM network protocol. It uses the latest direct dry thermal imaging technology which accommodates for a full range of modalities including CT, MRI, DR, CR, Digital Gastrointestinal, Nuclear Medicine, Mobile X-Ray Imaging, and Dentistry, etc. The Dry Imager dedicates to precision in diagnosis with its outstanding image quality and offers affordable imaging catering to your needs.

Non-Magnetic Mobile Cart

1. The non-magnetic mobile cart is made of special aluminum alloy non-magnetic material, lightweight, safe and reliable, with sponge padded, easy to clean and eliminate the whole free magnetism.

2. The non-magnetic carts with fixtures to lock it.

Non-magnet Manual Wheelchair

BWHM-07MRI compatible wheelchair is made of entirely non-magnetic plastic material, no metal at all. It is designed specifically for use in and around the MRI suite, best suitable for 3 Tesla MRI machine like brand Philips, Siemens, GE, Toshiba, Hitachi, etc. 

All the material including the leg part, wheel structure are all totally non-magnet and completely plastic material.

Non-magnetic Fire Extinguisher 

The MRI compatible fire extinguisher is specially designed for MRI room use. It is made of non-magnet material, safe to use in the MRI room.

MRI Compatible Stretcher

1. The structure is mainly made of aluminum alloy and pure stainless steel. After strict demagnetization, the stainless steel parts will be non-magnetic

2. Non-magnetic stainless steel material, MRI compatible, suitable for 1.5T and 3.0T machine like brand GE, PHILIPS, SIEMENS. etc.

3. Suitable for MRI room, Operating theatre, Emergency room, and Patient ward

Spine Board

The system won't cause any affection to X-ray, CT or MRI equipment working as it doesn't contain any metal parts.

This spinal fixation plate is durable and suitable for all kinds of harsh environment. It has a large displacement and usually can float an adult in the water, which greatly reduces the difficulty of lifesaving on water. It has strong anti-collision performance and easy to clean water. Its X light, MRI and CT penetration effect is excellent. It is convenient for the injured person to inspect and minimize the pain caused to the patients in the process of transportation.

Head Immobilizer

The head immobilizer is made of vinyl-coated foam and is both waterproof and buoyant. It can be cleaned easily

and disinfected for reuse. There are two holes which are used to observe the bleeding or drainage on both sides of the head, hole size is 6.5cm in diameter, the material of product does not contain metal, the patient can take this product during an examination of X-ray, CT, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging(MRI).

Cervical Collar 

Latex-free, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.

Made of special material allowing X-ray CAT and MRI scan

Adjustment tracks ensure symmetrical alignment. Easy and Accurate one-piece sizing system.

One-piece flip-chin facilities intubation and removal of foreign material from a patient's mouth.

Nasal cannula holders function )double sides) to secure the oxygen tubes.

Vacuum Mattress Stretcher

It is X-RAY translucent and can be used for MRI.

TPU material: Tough; soft as silk skin-friendly material on the patient side. Extremely puncture resistant on the outside.

The valve automatically closes when suction stops, no risk of losing vacuum if slipping with the vacuum pump. It can be operated with gloves. To evacuate: turn valve to the right. To release: turn valve to the left.

The patented Multi-Chamber System which keeps to beads in the right position and makes fixation quick, safe and easy.

Unique handle and strapping system: color-coded straps that are adjustable from both sides; Heavy-duty cushioned handles provide optimal weight distribution and are easy on the hands; Straps and handles can easily be removed for repositioning, cleaning or replacement.

Integrated delivery room product

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