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4.How can we trust you ?

A. Our company ,Jiangsu Rooe Medical Technology Co.,Ltd was set up in 2011 ,which has operated for 7 years .We got the Corporate Business License that issued by Administration of Industry and Commerce of Guangzhou, Obtained the medical device license issued by the US Food and Drug Administration. It is not any commercial disputes until now no matter the home business or the over sea business, and there is not any complaint about our service and products.

"Superior quality, caring service" is as Rooe commitment to customers, "sincere guardian of life" is as sacred mission of Rooe. In the future, Rooe people will be full of passion for innovation practice their mission, focus hospital’s needs, provide competitive medical equipment solutions and services, continued to create maximum value for customers.

B. Because of our principle of honest business, we got the honor for "National Advanced units for After Service of Medical Equipment" which issued by Business Coalition of China at 2014 . You can verify the information from our website.

C. We have exported a amount of the medical operating table to Africa and the Middle East, etc. And we also sold lots of medical equipment to Nigeria, Angola, West Africa, etc. Beside the medical operating tables , we also Ultrasound scanners, Veterinary instrument, ECG, Ventilator Surgical Instrument pack, etc.

D. We have very good record in our customers ,Administration of Foreign Exchange and Foreign trade and economic cooperation committee .The amount of export is large and larger these years because of the trust to our company is stronger and stronger .

E. We are the Gold supplier of Alibaba and we are the Golden Integrity member of Alibaba for 9 years.