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13. How can we know your company? Are there any approaches?

A. More communication. Clients can browse our company website frequently and chat with our sale representatives freely. If the customers want to know more something about our company, they can send us emails; talk with us on the MSN, Yahoo Message and Skype etc.
B. If possible, customers will be warmly  welcomed to visit our company and test the product function and quality, which will increase the knowledge about our company.  Our company's certification & honor can be checked.

C. If necessary, the customers can check our company exporting record with the regular clients. By this way, the new customers will have a general idea of our company Business Principle and business status. Also the customers will have more confidence and trust on our company.

D. The better way to know our company is to build real business relationship. We hope the clients can understand our specialty, sincerity and business principle through the transaction.  Therefore  a long term and beneficial partner relationship can be built.